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Chinese manufacturers intensify their offensive in the "Samsung solo run" folding smartphone market = Korean net "Technology outflow is serious"

On January 31, 2022, South Korea's Herald economy said, "It is expected that the share of Samsung will decrease as the offensive of Chinese manufacturers is intensifying in the folding smartphone market where Samsung Electronics is running alone." According to the article, Huawei recently launched a folding smartphone "P50 Pocket" in Europe. The price is 1299 euros (about 167,000 yen), which exceeds Samsung's "Galaxy Z Flip 3" (about 107,000 yen), Android OS can not be used due to U.S. sanctions, only long term evolution smartphones It will be released. Therefore, most people think that the influence on the world market is insignificant. On the other hand, the article is wary of Chinese manufacturers such as Oppo and Xiaomi aiming for vacant seats in Huawei. It is chasing Samsung in Southeast Asia, Europe, India, etc., and it is expected that folding smartphones will be released one after another. In particular, Oppo's first folding smartphone "Find N", which was a big hit in China, is highly regarded around the world for its durability and perfection, even though its price is about half that of the "Galaxy Z Flip 3". It is said that there is. Xiaomi also said that the first folding smartphone released last year was for domestic use in China, but the new product currently being prepared is likely to be released overseas. Xiaomi's strengths are its low price and popularity, and it is said that its brand value is so high that it will be ranked first in the European market in the April-June quarter of last year, ahead of Samsung. According to Hong Kong market research firm Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi shipped 190.4 million smartphones last year, growing 31% year-on-year to become the third largest in the world. Samsung and Apple in the US were 270.7 million units and 237.9 million units, respectively, and the growth rates were 6% and 18%, respectively. In addition, Korean internet users criticized that "the outflow of technology from South Korea is serious" and "I want people who leak Korean technology to China to be given heavier punishment" and "Chinese smartphones are free. But I don't want to use it. "" Nobody buys a Chinese smartphone in Korea. "" I don't know Xiaomi yet, but at least Huawei's folding smartphone doesn't even reach Samsung's feet. " Did you get it and wrote it? " (Translation / Editing / Domoto)

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