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"6G Development Competition" where the fighting gong rang - Death and death in Japan and the United States that cannot be defeated by China

Physicists and inventors, Nicola Tesla, have left this word in an interview in 1926.

"If wireless communication is completely laid around the world, the whole world will be a huge brain."

This "prophecy" is now steadily becoming reality now.

Currently, the transition from 4G (4th -generation mobile communication system) to 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) has started around the world.The 5G is undeniable that the stalling has stalled due to the spread of the new colon viral infection, but after the corona, the use will be in full swing with IoT (Internet of Things).

And as early as possible, the development competition of 6G (6th generation mobile communication system), which goes after 5G, is heating up.

In June 2021, the Chinese state -owned Xinhua News reported that the Chinese government's 6G promotion organization "IMT -2030 (6G)" announced "6G overall vision and potential key technology white paper" (Japanese article).: Https: //

In the article, I wrote about the White Paper."6G is based on 5G, and" Internet of Everything ", which connects everything, has made a leap forward to" Intelligence of Everything ", which connects all intelligence, and has shown that it will connect the physical and virtual world.In addition to sustaining the quality of life, promoting the conversion and sophistication of social production methods, contributing to the ultimate goal of sustainable development of human society. "

It overlaps with the image of the "brain" predicted by Tesla.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has declared that it will proceed with 6G development as a national policy a few days after the start of 5 g of general use in China.Since then, I have heard that research has actually been proceeded.

It has also been found that in November 2020, a 6G test satellite was launched on track.

In this white paper, we saw that 6G commercial use would be possible around 2030, and revealed guidelines to further accelerate R & D.

According to the Global Times of the Chinese Communist Party, China is not a method of selling communication devices to the world like 5G, but, "China -owned 6G, a fundamental system itself.We are aiming for what we are doing. "

What kind of world is spreading in the 6G era?To do that, you need to know about 5G, which has just begun to provide services.

Compared to the 4G, which is now the mainstream, the next generation 5G has the speed of communication 100 times faster, and the data capacity that can be handled is 1000 times.In an easy -to -understand example, it takes about 5 minutes to download one movie on the Internet, but 5G is 3 seconds.

In addition, 5G can be connected at the same time as many devices.The time lag during the communication is less than 1 milliseconds (1 / 1000th second), and there is no time to reach the phone and so on.In addition, per square kilometer can connect 1 million units simultaneously at the same time.Data communication is stable and power consumption is low.

It is said that the next generation of communication systems will take about 10 years to be used as a matter of course, but beyond that, it is 6G, which has evolved from 5G.

As a system, 6G has 10 times the communication speed than 5G.At the same time, the number of devices that can be connected is 10 times, and the power consumption is 1/100.Everything from society as a whole to the surroundings is incorporated into the network that we cannot be aware of.Anyway, it is thought to be faster and more connected.

By becoming an incomparable speed and a multi -connection environment, the world called "XR", which mixes advanced technologies such as VR (virtual reality), AR (expansion reality), and MR (complex reality), is commonplace.become.In the XR world, the real world and the digital space will all be converted into data and integrate them in seamless.

It is said that we can solve the various social issues we are currently having.

For example, 6G technology will adapt to the declining birthrate and aging population, the lack of working population, and the response to global warming.Remote communication and automation take on simple labor, contributing to power consumption, contributing to power consumption.There is no doubt that these will have a social impact if these are performed on a large scale.

China's "IMT -2030 (6G)" white paper assumes various business fields in which 6G is applied.


For example, XR using a huge cloud, communication using holograms, connecting to neural circuits, mutual communication with intelligence, digital twin (the same thing in the cyber space by incorporating actual space information and reproducing the same thing in the cyber space).Proposal.These technologies are digital transformations (in Japan, "DX", but this name is rarely used worldwide, and is commonly called digital transformation), and the medical field and manufacturing industry.It is said that it is incorporated into.

In the 6G era, the world is approaching science fiction movies again.

The United States and Japan are embarking on research and development of 5G and 6G if they do not delay China.

At the Japan -US summit meeting held in April 2021, it was decided to invest $ 2.5 billion in the United States and $ 2 billion in Japan, a total of $ 4.5 billion in R & D, and specified in the attached documents of the joint statement.rice field.

There was a remorse that Japan could not show a presence at all in the development of 5G, and it has been embarking on 6G research and development long before the US -Japan summit.

For example, in June 2020, the Japanese government set up a roadmap called "Beyond 5G Promotion Strategy", which is a 6G strategy, and established a consortium in which 100 companies and organizations participated in industry -government -academia collaboration in December.The Consortium has signed an agreement with the 6G Lab, which is promoted by the Finnish University of Oulu.

In the private sector, NTT and Fujitsu announced a business alliance in April 2020, including 6G R & D.

As in Japan, the United States, which was 5G, is also conducting 6G research at the New York University Wireless Research Institute.Tom Marzetta, who led this, is one of the people who developed a large -scale MIMO (technology that enables large amounts of data transmission and reception), which is a central technology of 5G.The institute also provides funds via the DARPA (Defense Research Planning Bureau), which developed the Internet, and the United States Scientific Foundation, as well as the Army and Navy Technical Research Institute.

The National Science Foundation also launched the "RINGS" project, which also participates in Nokia in Finland, and actively moves on the construction of a next-generation communication world using all kinds of communications such as Wi-Fi and satellites in the 6G era.There is.

The media is also sensitive to 6G, and Bloomberg News reports that Apple is recruiting human resources for 6G development.

However, in the movement of Japan and the United States, the Chinese side is looking from above.

After the Japan -US summit talks, the Global Times was dominant in the first and second -generation mobile communication systems in Japan and the United States, but "If you want to win 6G, you have to catch up with China first.Is provoking.

It is natural that China is bullish to look at the 5G global base share.Chinese companies (a major telecommunications aircraft, Huawei and ZTE) account for 40 %, the rest are separated by Sweden Elicsson, Nokia in Finland, and Samsung Electronics in Korea, and there is no chance to include Japanese and US companies.

The official of the US Information Organization that I previously interviewed said, "5G is excluded, but there is no alternative to American companies.There was no US manufacturer who could fight in full -scale development competition.

By the way, Samsung states that by around 2028 will start 6G commercial use before others, and is conducting research and development.

Nothing in Japan, the United States and China and China are also actively moving, and Nokia has begun co-development with the US government, and Ericsson, along with Nokia, has a 6G research project "HEXA-X", a 6G research project that contributes to the EU (European Union). Initiative.

It is a global development competition.

Desperately trying to take 6G initiative because it is a matter of life and death that leads to security.

For example, Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE spread Chinese devices around the world, mainly in countries involved in the economic zone concept "Belt and Road" due to a great deal of support by the Chinese government's policy.I was moving to expand my share.

In an era when data is said to be "21st century oil", it is a major threat for a strong power nation like China to control the communication infrastructure.If the Chinese government, which has the influence of the Chinese government, controls world -class communication equipment, they may be able to monitor communications around the world and steal confidential information and intellectual property in other countries.That also leads to reducing the national power of other countries.

In fact, Huawei has been pointed out that he has stolen personal information from other countries from telecommunications equipment (it has become a problem in Australia, Africa and Europe).

In addition, as the introduction of Chinese companies increases worldwide, the ability to speak over the world communication systems and rules will increase.China has been able to exercise the influence of promoting their values in the cyber space that the United States has dominated so far, communication and digital infrastructure, and China forms international rules and international rules.But it can be a central being.In that case, cyber space, where monitoring, censorship and human rights violation may be allowed around the world.

As we have seen so far, the struggle over 6G development is not just a technical competition.It also affects the world's power map.The fierce competition will continue until around 2030 over who controls the 6G era.