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Huawei has entered the Creca Business and approaches different from Apple Card

Huawei finally issues a card

Competing Apple!? Credit card from Huawei

 The global presentation of the Huawei P40 Series of Huawei's spring flagship model was held online on March 26, but for China, it was held online on April 8.The models announced in China are the same as the global "Huawei P40", "Huawei P40 Pro" and "Huawei P40 PRO+", but the recital also announced new services for China.That is "Huawei Card".

 HUAWEI CARD is a physical card that can be linked to Huawei Pay of Huawei.It resembles the relationship between Apple's "Apple Pay" and "Apple Card" (not in Japan).Only the name is printed on the card and there is no number notation.At present, Huawei Pay has only been served in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Russia, and it seems that Huawei Card will be issued only in China.

It will be a method of applying for online applications from Huawei's smartphone, but it is undecided outside China.

 In the first place, while mobile payment progresses, there is an anachronistic idea to use a physical card.However, as Apple Card gives users with a brand power as a weapon, you may be thinking of increasing the user royality by daring to put out a card as a Huawei.

 HUAWEI CARD has partnered with the long -established payment service "Union Pay" (UnionPay) in China.Probably it will be used as a debit card instead of a credit.The biggest feature is the right to use the lounge of airports and high -speed railway stations.This is likely to be a kind of status, presenting a black black card in the lounge.Nevertheless, Huawei Card is also included in a smartphone.There are other benefits such as accumulating points.

Huawei Card has a special treatment.Available with virtual cards

 In China, "payment by smartphone" is already commonplace.Both mobile payment services "Wechat Pay" and "Alipay" can be easily paid with QR code, and the area that can be used is spreading not only in China but also all over the world.There are many shops that can use these two in Japan.

 On the other hand, UNION Pay was widespread in China long before these two major payment services became widespread.Union Pay is a physical card and has become the largest payment service in China in cooperation with bank cash cards.By the way, there are still many stores overseas that only support Union Pay.However, with the advent of mobile payment services, UNION Pay users have decreased in recent years.And UNION Pay is now going to the mobile payment field, and is likely to aim for an increase in users in a partnership with Huawei.

China's mobile payment is familiar in Japan.There have been stores that support Union Pay for a long time

 Huawei will continue to expand its available stores in Huawei Pay, but it is possible to increase the number of users of their own pay service by issuing Huawei Card, which can already be used in union pay stores.A partnership with Union Pay has a great benefit for both.

 ファーウェイがクレカビジネスに参入、Apple Cardとは違うアプローチ

Huawei Pay user expansion is an urgent need for Huawei

 Huawei's consumer products, which began with smartphones, are now expanding in a wide range of fields, including PCs, wearable, and smart IoT equipment.Now that everyone has a smartphone, it is essential to enter the mobile payment field as the next market.There is a great possibility that Huawei Card will be a big one in China, with Chinese consumption power.

Entering the pay market is the next ambition of Huawei

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