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Elsa Japan's Miyoshi (left) and Dainichi of Unitcom (right).In addition, Elsa Japan's technical a is a name and appearance NG.

It is Jisa Treppii.I have had the opportunity to interview a computer workshop that sells BTO PCs that adopt Elsa Japan and the company's graphics board, so I heard that "questions" that many users will probably have been concerned about for many years.I have come.We talked about Masayuki Miyoshi in the sales promotion of Elsa Japan, and the director of the Technical Department, which is familiar with the company's Twitter (@elsa_japan).Kyoya Daisakata, who is in charge of planning and developing BTO PCs at a unitcom, which operates a personal computer studio nationwide.

――First of all, I would like to ask a question that many self -made PC users are concerned about.Why is Elsa's Gravo expensive?

Miyoshi: It's a straight ball (laughs).actually, we don't intend to make it expensive, so I think we have set an appropriate price, but, well, on the contrary, we've been working on various initiatives that other companies do not have.So, I think it's better to talk around that today.It feels like there is a reason why it is expensive ...

―― after all, when you look at the store, I think that there are more voices higher than other companies' grabos.Is it also a real feeling?

Miyoshi: We always check at the store, so in that sense we are seeing how much the price is, but I would like to explain where it is not the price.From here, I think it would be better to explain from our technology a than me.

―― I'm sorry I listened persistently.Then, please tell us why.

Technical a: The first point emphasizes the quality of the product.For example, we are producing graphics boards at a Chinese factory, but we first do quality inspections at that factory.Even after being transported from the factory, I have been inspected locally just before being imported by airplane to Japan.

―― First of all, you have been doing two tests before coming to Japan in China.

Technical a: That's right.It means that you do an inspection before packing the so -called shipping bulk.In addition, high -end products such as the GeForce GTX series are examined to see if they enter our warehouse in Japan, exterior inspections and operations.Low -end products such as the GeForce GT series are kept in consideration of costs.after such a test, we try to provide something that does not have poor operation or scratches as much as possible.

--I see.all GTX series are checked.By the way, what is the extraction inspection of the low -end model like?

Mr. a: The extracted inspection has been extracted by extracting any one out of 20.However, if the lot changes significantly, we are examining all of the low -end products.

――What is the situation where the lot changes?

Technical a: That's the timing of manufacturing.after all, we will mass -produce mass production at a factory in China at once and bring it to Japan, but there is a timing when it is not produced.For example, the Chinese New Year in China.In that case, the factory will be re -operated from the place where the factory is suspended for a long time, so in that case, it will be considered as a new lot and perform the total quality inspection again.

―― Because it is a model that you have made in the past, you are thinking of the possibility that it may not be the case for the second time in the second time.

Miyoshi: Well, it's an industrial product, so I think there is generally the idea that it is better to look strictly.In accordance with that, we are also testing.

――The inspection after the inspection after the test is that it costs a lot of cost, especially labor costs?

Technical a: There is also that part.The other is that we have a support center in -house, and I think it will be costly.Instead of keeping it, we value the system that can support customer problems and questions by phone or email before and after purchase. 「エルザのグラボってなんで高いの?」担当者に直撃してみた

――Do your support center also serves not only for repairs, but also as a “customer inquiry center” such as so -called purchase consultation?

Technical a: That's right.Both the purchase consultation and the reception of the failure repair are performed at the support center.In addition, when a board that does not move is returned, we check and verify each piece in -house.

――Is it in your company's in -house support center and have any strengths that other companies have?

Technical a: after all, the other manufacturer is well, so -called headquatters, all development is overseas, so sales in Japan are so -called sales agencies, and they are in Japan.Because the branch office is done, the distance between support and development is inevitable.However, we can work closely because the support center is on the same floor of the same building as the Technology Department.

――It seems to be a quick story.

Technical a: Yes.For example, even if there is a first trouble report that has never been before, the members of the Technical Department, including me, are immediately confirmed and have a system that can respond immediately, so that is the best with other companies.I think it's the difference.The time required for repair correspondence is guided to "14 business days" on the web, but on the average recent average, if there is a replacement stock, it can be returned to the customer within almost a week.I am.

――Sure, if the technical department is separated from the technical department, it tends to take a long time to interact, and the resolution speed from the failure tends to be slow.

Technical a: Yes.There are many cases where the telephone window of the support center is only an answer in a fixed statement for your inquiry.If it doesn't solve it, I think it will be a form of "please give me more time", but we have a system that can respond quickly to inquiries so that such things are not as possible.

―― If you are not familiar with technology at the inquiry center, if you answer based on the manual, it will be a bit frustrating for users who are bright in technology.

Miyoshi: If you add another one in terms of support, our support staff basically accepts both GeForce and Quadro.There is no such thing as "this product is in charge of this product ..."I think that people who are familiar with the so -called BtoB supporting work on a daily basis are also in charge of GeForce users, so I think that they can be very technical.

――It's a powerful support system.

Miyoshi: In fact, there are quite a few opportunities to talk to users at events, etc., but we still use our users, "I buy it because support is safe."I keep using Elsa. "

--I see.By the way, what if a product with poor operation appears in the operation check test before shipping to your domestic warehouse from your domestic warehouse?

Technical a: There are almost no poor operation products because they have passed a double shipping inspection before arriving in Japan.The number of boards, which is determined to be poor operation when arriving in Japan, can be counted with one hand even in the total number of total production.Nevertheless, all the poor operation products are returned to the factory, thoroughly analyzed the cause of the malfunction, and only GPUs and memory chips, etc., become products again.Many of the reasons for returning the product to the factory include scratches on boards and fan cover.

――Isn't your company tell you, "Hey! I'm not going back!"

Technical a: That's right (laughs).There is still a difference between the so -called factories in China, and the stability of the quality we consider, which is a little open.Of course, we don't give up (laughs).Often, our S S.a.The C series uses a metal fan cover, but it may be damaged there.The factory says, "This is a wound that has been inevitable in production," but this side excludes all the scratched products.

Elsa Japan S.a.Cシリーズ。写真は「ELSa GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB S.a.C "(GD1080-11Gerts).

――It's a strict check.I was able to fully understand where the cost was completely cost.It is quality control.Certainly, I used Elsa's Gravo and it was broken immediately, and I have never heard of it.

Miyoshi: So I think it's okay to understand that you have bought "peace of mind".

――Is that graphics boards, especially the GTX series, are quite expensive?However, since it is used for a long time, it is better to buy a relief at that time rather than spare the money first, and it will be cheaper without replacing it.