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Can you be the savior? Free Google Workspace started in Japan

Google (Google) has shaken the users of G Suite, which has been provided free of charge so far. In order to continue using it after July, it was basically announced that we would have to move to Google Workplace, which is a paid plan, and be billed for each account. A few days after the official announcement, it seems that G Suite users in Japan also received notification emails urging them to move to the paid Google Workplace one after another.

Can you be a savior? Free Google Workspace starts in Japan

Even so, from the point of view of users who have been using it for more than 10 years since the days when they could create accounts for free at work or in organizations, the number of accounts is now in double digits, and all of these are paid plans. If you migrate, the cost will be tens of thousands of yen every month! There should be more than a few places where you are worried about what to do. Google, on the other hand, has somehow made available a free, persistent edition called Google Workspace Essentials Starter. At first, it was only available in the US, but registration has finally started in Japan!

Google Workspace Essentials Starter is not a replacement for the current free version of G Suite in the first place. For example, if you try to use it for migration and try to register with your own domain email address that is currently registered with G Suite, it will be easily rejected. Also, a free Gmail account won't do. Apart from the one properly prepared by Google, it is a service that can be used immediately by registering only for those who use their own domain email address for work etc.

It's a mistake not to rely on Google for email addresses, and Google Workspace Essentials Starter does not have Gmail, contacts, or calendar functions. The purpose is to provide a place where you can use Google Drive up to 15GB for free, use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and video conference and chat. It would be nice to be able to increase the number of accounts up to 25 people without paying. In short, it will not be a savior for users who say, "The biggest advantage is that you can use your own domain email with G Suite for free." After all, it seems that the time has come when there is no longer such a thankful environment without cost.

Source: Google Workspace Essentials Starter