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Earthquake disaster prevention drill that can be done in 1 minute, Yahoo and LINE will be held on January 17

On January 13th, Yahoo! JAPAN and LINE announced that they would conduct a nationwide shakeout training on January 17th around 19:00 to learn the initial actions to take in the event of an earthquake.

Earthquake disaster drill in 1 minute, Yahoo and LINE to be held on January 17

Shakeout training is a type of earthquake disaster prevention training proposed in the United States in 2008. It is a training format that is easy to participate in, as it is not a training that gathers at a specific place, but can be completed in about 1 minute.

This training will be held in conjunction with the 27th anniversary of the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. You can learn the "three life-saving actions" that are the basics of initial actions in the event of an earthquake: crouch, protect your head, and stay in a safe place.

On the day of the training, you will receive training notifications through Yahoo!

To receive notifications, you need to turn on the push notification settings of the Yahoo! Even if you have not received the notification, you can participate by directly accessing the special site.