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[Amazon Sale] Cut 20,000 yen ... Chromebook sale summary that you can buy by mistake

The cheapness that makes you want to pop with your spinal cord reflex.

A Chromebook that uses Chrome OS. It's been a hot topic lately, and low-priced Chromebooks are appearing from quite a variety of manufacturers. The already cheap Chromebook has become even cheaper in the Amazon sale until today, so this is already an incident.

First of all, the top image is ASUS's Chromebook "C223NA-ENG", which is priced at 19,800 yen.

ASUS Chromebook クロームブック C223NA ノートパソコン(11.6インチ, 999グラム, 約11.3時間/ Celeron N3350/4GB, 32GB/Webカメラ/グレー)【日本正規代理店品】【あんしん保証】C223NA-ENG

19,800 yen (special time sale / until 23:59 on April 26, 2021)

The screen size is 11.6 inches (1,366 x 768), the CPU is "Celeron N3350", the memory is 4GB, and the storage is 32GB. Really, how far can you compete with this in the smallest configuration class in the Chromebook series? As expected, it is an unknown number, but it is strong to cut 20,000. What about Chromebooks? I feel like I'm the kind of guy who can be forgiven even if I pop in just to satisfy my intellectual curiosity.

However, note that the keyboard is in English. It's a niche guy!

"9,900 OFF Coupon" or something... just kidding

Next is Lenovo's 2in1 style "Ideapad Duet". Since the keyboard (Japanese keyboard) and the display are separated, it can also be used in tablet style. It's a light footwork that can be used according to the scene.

【 限定】Google Chromebook Lenovo ノートパソコン Ideapad Duet 10.1インチ 日本語キーボード WUXGA MediaTek Helio P60T 4GBメモリ 限定スペック 64GB eMMC モデル


29,900 yen (9,900 yen off coupon applied price)

Although it is not subject to this sale, we are currently distributing 9,900 yen off coupons until May 9th during the campaign, and you can actually get it for 29,900 yen.

The specs are a screen size of 10.1 inches (1920x1200), CPU "MediaTek Helio P60T", memory 4GB, storage 64GB. The feeling is amazing.

The 14-inch model is also less than 30,000 yen

Acer's "CB314-1H-A14P", a standard 14-inch Chromebook as a notebook PC, is on sale for 29,520 yen.

Google Chromebook Acer ノートパソコン CB314-1H-A14P 14インチ 日本語キーボード Celeron N4020 4GBメモリ 64GB eMMC microSD カードリーダー

29,520 yen (10% off sale special)

The screen is 14 inches (1366 x 768), the CPU is Celeron N4020, the memory is 4GB, and the storage is 64GB. It looks like a minimal configuration. You should be able to use the internet and Google services! If it's a divisibility, isn't it pretty ant? Oh, don't worry, the keyboard is Japanese here too.

Google Chromebook Acer ノートパソコンCB315-3HT-NF14P 15.6インチ 日本語キーボード Celeron N4020 4GBメモリ 64GB eMMC フルHD(1920×1080)IPSタッチパネル搭載

39,800 yen (special time sale / until 23:59 on April 26, 2021)

By the way, there is also a 15.6-inch full HD model. The price is 39,800 yen. If you don't want to carry it around, this is fine!

So what can Chromebooks do? What are you good at?

In the title, I said, "Isn't it a good level to buy by mistake?" It's better to know that, so please watch Richard's explanation video before clicking.

There must be more than a few people who can use it not only for Internet viewing machines but also for work.

Source: Amazon