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Bluetti, branded lightest 268.8Wh portable power supply.Early discount for a limited time


 Bluetti Japan (Bluey Japan) has launched a pre -order for the lightweight and large output portable power supply "EB3A".The regular price is 34,980 yen, and the reservation price is 27,984 yen.[See another image about this article] The capacity is 268 with a compact body.8WH, rated output is 600W. Approximately 16 smartphones, about 4 laptops, about 10 digital cameras, and Nintendo Switch can be charged about 16 times. 80W power tools can be used for about 2 hours and 20W lights for about 12 hours. The output port is AC outlet x 2 (up to 600W, momentary 1200W), DC5521 x 2 (12V/10A), cigar socket x 1 (12V/10A), USB Type-A x 2 (5V/3A), USB Type. -C x 1 (up to 100W), wireless charging x 1 (up to 15W). It supports five types of charging methods (AC, solar panel, cigar socket, generator, lead storage battery), and can charge up to 80 % in a minimum of 30 minutes. You can not only check the remaining battery level from the Bluetti app with your smartphone, but also control input/output. With a UPS (no power outage power supply) function, there is no worry about data loss or damage to devices even if sudden power outages occur. Using a highly safe "LifePo4 (lithium -ionic battery)", the charging and discharge cycle is as long as 80 % of the remaining, 2500 cycles, and can be used for a long time for a long time. From March 1st to 15th, a "release commemorative campaign" using Twitter, Instagram, and LINE will be held. EB3A will be presented to one person by lottery.

Travel Watch, editorial department: Nozomi Yoshimoto