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Enhance both work and life!"Seamless life" brought by "Huawei Mate Family"

In recent years, some people may have more time for home work, and the sense of distance between "work" and "life" in the house is closer closer.

At the center of the living room where you spend time with your family, you may sometimes open a laptop and check emails, and more and more people are enjoying a fulfilling entertainment in their PC environment.At present, it is a standard to use excellent devices for both business and entertainment applications, rather than dividing the devices that are suitable for each business and entertainment.

In this article, we will tell you how to live in both business and entertainment, including Huawei's new display, PC and tablet group, "Huawei Mate Family" that will change home time.The outline of the Huawei Mate Family introduced this time is as follows.

● Huawei MateView GT

The Huawei MateView GT is a display with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 with a curved design.In addition to supporting a 165Hz drive refresh rate, the resolution is WQHD (3440 x 1440 dots), the DCI-P3 is 90 % cover, and a 10-bit color compatible, which can display high-resolution images on a large screen.It is mainly used as a gaming monitor.

● Huawei MateView

This "Huawei MateView" is a more general -purpose display than the Huawei MateView GT.Aspect ratio (aspect ratio) 3: 2 4K display 28.This multifunctional display is packed with various functions such as 2 -inch displays, wireless projections from PCs and tablets and up to 65W charging output.

● Huawei Matebook X Pro

Huawei Matebook X Pro has renewed the installed CPU from the conventional model released in 2020.Equipped with the latest 11th generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor.13 of resolution 3000 x 2000 dots.It is one of the 9 -type displays not only displays more information, but also plays in entertainment applications such as video appreciation.

● Huawei MatePad 11

HUAWEI MATEPAD 11 is the largest among the MatePad so far.A 95 -inch display is adopted, the resolution is WQXGA (2560 x 1600 dots) and the screen occupancy is about 86 %.The refresh rate is compatible with 120Hz.

I would like to introduce how these four products are devices that show high performance in both business and entertainment applications.

What if the gaming monitor "Huawei MateView GT" is used for business use?

First of all, as mentioned above, the Huawei MateView GT is made mainly for gaming applications from curved specifications, high refresh rates, and resolution specifications.

The most importantly curved 21: 9 monitor offers a comfortable gameplay environment that enhances the immersion of 1500R and makes it easier to see the images of every corner of the monitor.For example, in a battle game, you can see the entire field in an instant.

This curved monitor is considered useful as a business tool.When multiple windows and applications are launched on the desktop, if the display area is wide, the need to switch and close each time will be reduced, creating efficient tasks.In that it has a 21: 9 aspect ratio, this unit will be more suitable for such processing than other monitors.

ワーク&ライフどちらも充実させる! 「HUAWEI Mate Family」がもたらす‟シームレスな暮らし”

In addition, 21: 9 is the aspect ratio used in video works such as movies, so it is suitable not only for video viewing but also for creative work such as video editing.

The Huawei MateView GT can not only do the standard work required for office workers such as email checks and materials, but also improve the efficiency of creative work such as editing videos, creating video, and illustrations.

If you imagine a concrete life, it is a device that should be placed in your room, and it is used as a display device to improve work from home during the day.And after employment, it is an item that can be used in a variety of use, such as relaxing games, watching videos, and editing videos that are produced as self -expression.

The concept is a gaming monitor, but it is a model that you should also consider for business and creative applications.

Huawei MatePad 11 × HUAWEI Matebook X Pro spending a creative time

10.The 95 -inch tablet "HUAWEI MATEPAD 11" and the mobile notebook PC "Huawei Matebook X Pro" are combines that use both of the work of homes and offices and work on the go of 120%efficiency.In particular, HUAWEI MATEPAD 11 is a model that is mainly for mobile use, but combined with the Huawei Matebook X Pro, it transforms into another office device.

The secret is the coordination function that supports Huawei's smartphone, tablet, PC and other mobile devices.One of the linked functions, "Multi -Screen Collaboration," is a function that allows, for example, a smartphone and a PC display screen to project a smartphone display screen on a PC display.

Originally, the main use was that you can respond to chat on your smartphone without moving on the device while working on a PC, but it was realized by the realization of a multi -screens collaboration on Huawei Matebook and Huawei MatePad., It is now possible to use uses that could not be done before.

Huawei MatePad 11 is 10.The 95-inch and tablets have a standard display size, and I was able to draw illustrations and take notes using the pen tool, Huawei M-Pencil (second generation).However, when I actually want to draw a definitive illustration 10.The 95 -inch display size is somewhat short.But 13 there.By linking with 9 -inch Huawei Matebook X Pro, Illustration production makes it easier to do.

Regarding the actual usability, we asked Zinbei, a manga artist and illustrator.

Manga artist / illustrator


GetNavi WEB is writing a series of works on the theme of "Sake and Michikusa".It has a reputation for description of characters and landscapes with a nostalgic taste somewhere, and there are a wide variety of activities such as web, SNS and manga media.Click here for Twitter account

In this way, professional illustrations can be used in this way, but in general youth, you can immerse yourself in hobby illustration production in a higher dimension, and you can take notes on display devices.The point will be the point.

Huawei MateView's display performance Riches video viewing

Finally, I will introduce the case of using the Huawei MateView GT brother model "HUAWEI MATEVIEW" that has already been introduced for entertainment.

The major feature of Huawei MateView is that it uses 3: 2 for the aspect ratio (aspect ratio) of the display.Unlike the 21: 9 Huawei MateView GT, it has a long ratio.Due to the long ratio of resolution, it is 3840 x 2560 pixels and 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) or more.

This ratio is the same for Huawei Matebook X Pro, but what happens if you use this ratio for video viewing?As for the video, when watching a movie, a black band is also generated above and below.This is inevitable on a ratio.However, it has a high expression of high resolution, as well as a wide color range display that covers 98%of the DCI-P3 color range, and a high expression power of 1.07 billion colors, so you can experience immersion more than you can see directly on your PC.Of course, we realize a rich video playback that has been one step out of other external displays.

The point is that the display area is that the display area can be moved to a rich video after a short break time or after employment while creating a long and more efficient work time than other displays.The great advantage of Huawei MateView is that the Huawei MateView GT is easier to handle and fits in a more general purpose.

We have introduced an example of the use of three patterns using Huawei Mate Family.All of the three things are in common that all of the business and entertainment and hobby time can be changed as much as possible and both can be connected to both.

For many people, home work is one of the major options for working and living.HUAWEI Mate Family can demonstrate the maximum value by aligning each product, but even if you select the items that suited for each application and introduce them little by little, you should change your life enough.Consider how to create a seamless life that can be created only because Huawei Mate Family will be created in your own life.

Shooting / Fumio Matsuura