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At the age of 40, he enrolled in the medical school, raising three children, determined by his father who can challenge as many times as he is, and who can challenge as many times as possible.Ranking editing team chose attention!Sukusukuku voice

Takako Maejima says, "It's not too late to challenge no matter how old you are."

 At the age of 32, his father, who ran a restaurant and had debt, died.After graduating from college, I was running a pharmacy in my hometown Shimane prefecture, but I was sorry that I couldn't save his father.My thoughts on my doctor, which had been a dream for a long time, became even stronger and decided to take the medical school exam.

 I went to a prep school and started studying, and at the same time I got married.I am not good at studying since junior high and high school.I fell down every time I rejected.He gave birth to his eldest son at 36 and 39 years old and was busy with childcare, but he studied and took the exam while leaving his child in a nursery school.During the breastfeeding period, my chest was so hard that I couldn't stand the pain, so I milked it at the test hall.After seven years, I finally passed the medical school of a university in Aichi Prefecture.

 40歳で医学部に入学、3児を育てながら医師に 何歳になっても、何度でも挑戦できる 父の自死で決意、7年越しで医学部合格 働き盛りの時期と子育てが重なっても すくすくボイス ランキング 編集チームが選んだ

 Even after borrowing a scholarship and entering the medical school, it was difficult to follow the class.I was reading text when my child was playing in the park.The second son was born while at school, and graduated from retiring.He fell into a national exam to get a doctor's license and was a ronin, but he started working as a doctor in April 2019.

 Last year, I gained experience in respiratory medicine, which is in charge of Corona patients as a resident.There is a duty about six times a month, and it is physically steep, but when you can feel that you can connect your life, it is the most joyful.

 It is very difficult to balance work and child -rearing, such as making lunches for children.But my husband and my child are helping me to make meals and do housework.The children support me.During the medical school, my mother who lived in Shimane came to help and support me.My father, who died, knew my dream of wanting to be a doctor, and I felt like he pushed his back, saying, "Do your best."

 You may not be able to see the end due to the prolonged corona, and some people may be in the dark and dark darkness.But there is always light somewhere.I want you to live and live without losing sight of the light.No matter how old you are, you can challenge and start over.I want to tell women who are working and child -rearing and child -rearing, especially to women who tend to give up their dreams.

[Original article: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web May 26, 2021]