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[There is work for a long time] Did you have such a problem during your computer work?

It doesn't seem to have a fixed position when working at home at home.In the morning, the morning sun shines, the west sun is dazzling in the afternoon, so it is affected by sunlight, so you can change the body orientation or change the angle of the monitor.Regardless of the laptop, the LCD monitor on the large screen is usually inconsistent with the angle adjustment, so it is surprisingly difficult to make it a "just right" position (tears).

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Trouble with long work [2] If you notice, the area around the computer is scattered with "things"!?

The area around the computer is scattered as soon as you are careless.Once you put something, it will be spoiled, and the number of things will increase one after another, and eventually it will be jumbled.Perhaps the first opportunity is a cable connected to the liquid crystal monitor.In particular, the cluttered atmosphere created by the entangled cable is a calling water that puts things.At first, there was a time when I was involved in the entanglement, but I gave up because there was no drill.Can I no longer avoid the cable problem when working on a personal computer!?

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Trouble with long working hours [3] I was too crazy about the game, my shoulders were excited!?

The game after work is fun, but when you are absorbed in it, your shoulders are fluttering and your eyes are shoboshobo.Perhaps because you have the same posture for a long time, but if you get up, you have to change the angle of the monitor, or even if you change it.If you have the same posture for a long time, your lower back will hurt ... this eye, shoulder, waist problem, what's wrong?!

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As an example of my author, I guess I was able to strongly agree with everyone who worked for a long time in front of a computer every day.

The LG arm stand type LCD monitor "27UN880-B" that arrived at me.


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You can create a comfortable working environment anywhere with an arm stand!

One of the causes of stiff shoulders and neck is to be in the same posture for a long time.Sitting for hours in front of a personal computer is exactly that, and your posture will worsen and your back will hurt ... I came up with a "standing work".If you work while standing while standing, your spine will stretch out, and it will be a substitute for exercise.This may be good!?


Fortunately, the 27UN880-B arm stand is compatible with tilt (vertical angle adjustment) of 13cm in height and ± 25 °, and if this mechanism is used, it will be used as a standing work monitor.

When the height was raised by about 10cm and set it to an elevation angle, it was found that it could be used without difficulty from the perspective of the writer with a height of 172cm.

The eyes are somewhat dropped, so the eyes are hard to dry and less fatigue.Since it can be a swift at 280 ° on the left and right, it can be installed in a form that jumps out of the table.It is OK to rotate 90 ° and use a vertical monitor, but it is possible to use it flexibly not only for standing work.


Because it is a three -sided frameless, the screen is easy to see!

The monitor is the amount of information.This is because the large screen is overwhelmingly more efficient, such as when handling numbers with Excel or processing photos with a retouching app.In that regard, the resolution of 27UN880-B is 3,840x2,160 pixels, UHD (ULTRA HD) or "4K", so you can display a lot of information once.Taking Excel as an example, the number of scrolling the table is much less than 2k.

The 27UN880-B is the "three-sided frameless" in the display area to the left and right of the screen and almost the upper end of the screen, so there is no problem in terms of ease of viewing the screen.There is also an advantage that the room looks wide because the black frame is small and the field of view is wide.Because it is an IPS panel, the viewing angle is wide, and the color is not removed even when viewed from the diagonal direction, it is for the long time.


The area around the desk is also refreshing!

The reason why the 27UN880-B is not scattered! The device can store a cable in the stand.Not only the power cable, but also the HDMI / USB-C cable for connecting to a computer can be passed inside the stand.

This specification is quite nice.If you let the cable crawl on the desk, you will get dust immediately, and above all, it looks bad ...It doesn't matter, and it can be a distant cause where the desk is scattered.The concept is that the cable is exposed only to the minimum necessary parts.It is worthwhile that you can only understand when you use it.


Easy installation!Compatible with any scene with a variety of interfaces

An LCD monitor that can never be said to be light, 27 inches.The weight of only the display part is 4kg, so the setup may be difficult ... this is quite easy.Just insert it into the mounting part that protrudes from the arm stand, and press the button when removing it.

At first there is an arm stand, but the pedestal part is bitten by a table and the clamp is turned.The corresponding thickness is up to 90mm, and if you can secure a depth of about 50mm, it can be attached to most desks and tables.There is a rubber sheet inside the pedestal, so it can be fixed firmly and does not hurt the table.

There are three connections with the personal computer, HDMI x 2, Display Port (V1.4) x 1, and USB Type-C.I tried it on a laptop with an M1 processor, but it was recognized as a 4K display just by connecting it with the attached Type-C cable.Since the output of the Type-C port is up to 60W, the PC itself could be charged at the maximum speed.It would be nice to be able to use it without worrying about the battery level.


Actually perfect for games!?

"4K" and "HDR" are essential words when talking about image quality on the current LCD monitor.4K means the resolution/pixel number, which is exactly "3,840✕2,160".And HDR ... HIGH Dynamic Range, even if it means compatible with high -brightness/high contrast drawing, there are actually considerable performance differences depending on the product.

The 27UN880-B is compatible with the HDR standard "VESA DISPLAYHDR 400", which is the baseline of high-quality monitor performance standards, stipulated by VESA, an industry standardization organization of LCD monitors and video-related peripherals.The end numbers are maximum peak brightness (CD/M2), and the larger the numbers, the more brighter and higher contrast images.In other words, it reproduces the bright part more brighter and the dark part with a deeper black.

In addition, high -quality functions such as LG's unique super -resolution technology "SUPER Resolution+" (clearly reproduced images and images with low resolution) are featured.In addition, DAS (Dynamic Action Sync) mode (automatic setting), dynamic refreshrate adjustment function "AMD FREESYNC Technology" (reduced flickering and roding), and under dark portions to reduce the visibility level by adjusting the visibility level.There are plenty of gaming -conscious functions, such as the "Black Stabilizer" to increase.If you are a 4K -compatible game console, you will be able to enjoy 4K high -definition visual beauty during game play.In addition, the blue light reduction mode is also equipped, so it is also a point that it is gentle on the eyes for a long time.

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An arm stand type 27 type 4K LCD monitor "27UN880-B" borrowed with a light feeling.I was surprised at the high degree of freedom, such as being able to move the display part to the preferred position with the arm, the height can be adjusted steplessly up to 130mm, and it can be installed out of the desk.The liquid crystal monitor I used so far was a type that sits in the desk position, and I thought it was natural.However, with "27UN880-B", this can be achieved easily, "I can't help ...".

The setting is easy, and honestly it is so convenient.Because it is easy to use for a standing work, it seems that the posture of the cat backing is also improved.I would like to prepare a comfortable working environment and increase work efficiency!Why don't you review your work environment with this "27UN880-B"?

I want to know more about "27UN880-B"!

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[PR] Provided: LG Electronics Japan