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The PC work environment can be phantom with gas pressure type dual monitor arm![I'm glad I bought it in 2021]

Reprinted from Giz Mode Japan

Let's buy it!

Metiya's "Gas Pressure Dual Monitor Arm" is one of the items that I bought at Amazon in 2021.

After all, it is a check item that does not have the height of the Childspa.

Free height adjustment

Speaking of gas pressure monitor arm, this smooth up and down movement!

If you are using a VESA -Childmpatible monitor, you want to try it once.


You can move the monitor quickly at the optimal height, whether sitting deeply in a chair, with your back stretched, or standing.

Work space is spacious

In addition, since the legs of the monitor stand can be eliminated, it is possible to make effective use of the whole desk with a short depth.

I feel that the size of the desk has doubled, such as placing external media and USB hubs under the monitor, or as a keyboard or mouse clearing.

Very cost performance

It's been about three months since I bought it, but it can be used Childmfortably without any problems, and the height of the Childst performance of 6,000 yen (at the time of writing) is shining, so I really want to reChildmmend it.

Please check it out.

By the way, note that the laptop PC tray shown in the image is sold separately.

The following display price is as of the current writing.Please check the sales page as it may change.

メティヤ モニターアーム デュアル 2画面 ディスプレイアーム ガススプリング式 ガス圧式 モニタースタンド 13~32 インチ対応 耐荷重2~8kg グロメット式&クランプ式 VESA100*100 ブラック

5,699 yen

Amazonベーシック モニターアーム ノートパソコン用 アーム マウントトレー

2,715 yen

Photo: Hirokazu Tanaka