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Released 9 models and 15 models! Notebook PC with Dynabook "Windows 11"

Dynabook has newly commercialized 9 models and 15 models equipped with "Windows 11", and will be released sequentially from November 5th.

All the models newly released this time are equipped with the latest OS Windows 11 Home and the latest application Office Home & Business 2021. Equipped with an 11th generation Intel CPU and adopting "dynabook empower technology" that operates the CPU performance at a maximum TDP (thermal design power) of 28W (24W for the T series), TDP 15W does not have "empower technology" Demonstrates approximately 1.7 times the processing capacity compared to the model. You can comfortably work while launching multiple apps.

In addition, as a new convenient function for online meetings, a "one-touch microphone mute" function that allows you to quickly switch the microphone on and off simply by key operation (pressing the Fn key + A key at the same time) is also installed. It is possible to switch without clicking during an online meeting. A new "Windows 11 Operation Guide" has been added to the "Manual for viewing on a PC" that allows you to check everything from basic operations to how to connect to the Internet and how to enjoy video and music on your PC screen. Don't worry if you have trouble operating Windows 11.

The "dynabook T8/T7" is a premium standard notebook PC with an optical drive that allows you to enjoy Blu-ray video on a large 16.1-inch screen. Antibacterial keyboard, face authentication sensor, approximately 920,000 pixel web camera, Thunderbolt 4 compatible USB4 Type-C connector (T7 is a USB4 Type-C connector). It also supports the wireless LAN standard "Wi-Fi 6". Equipped with high-quality "2way 4speakers" that create a sense of reality and presence. The actual sales price is expected to be 241,780 yen for the T8 and 225,280 yen for the T7.

9機種15モデルを発売! Dynabook「Windows 11」搭載ノートPC

The "dynabook T6" is a high-performance all-in-one 15.6-inch standard notebook PC. It is most suitable as first PC and PC for home learning of child. Equipped with an antibacterial keyboard and a web camera of approximately 920,000 pixels. The actual selling price is 195,580 yen.

The "dynabook C8/C7/C6" are 15.6-inch new standard notebook PCs that are compact and easy to carry around the home or when going out. 15.6-inch full HD wide-viewing-angle liquid crystal with little glare, and a large screen body with a thickness of about 19.9 mm and a light weight of about 1.84 kg to 1.94 kg, so you can enjoy it anywhere in your home. Comfortable to use. The C7 is equipped with dual storage (256GB SSD + 1TB HDD) that achieves both high-speed startup and large-capacity storage. Web camera with approximately 2 million pixels (approximately 920,000 pixels for C6), face recognition sensor (excluding C6), antibacterial keyboard, Wi-Fi 6, long battery life of approximately 10 hours, quick charging function "Hurry 30 minutes" Equipped with a charge. The actual sales price is 208,780 yen for C8, 192,280 yen for C7, and 170,280 yen for C6.

The "dynabook F8/F6" is a 15.6-inch 5-in-1 premium pen notebook PC that can be used in five styles according to the usage scene. Comfortable operation is possible with the best pen and touch for Windows 11. Equipped with a long battery life of about 12.5 to 13.0 hours and a quick 30-minute charge. Approximately 920,000 pixel web camera with face recognition sensor, Wi-Fi 6, web camera shutter to protect privacy. The actual sales price is 203,280 yen for F8 and 175,780 yen for F6.

The "dynabook S6" is a 13.3-inch standard mobile notebook PC that can be easily carried around to the office or campus. It features a slim and compact body with a thickness of about 19.9 mm and a light weight of 1.279 kg, and robustness that has passed the endurance test compliant with the MIL standard. Long battery life of about 10.5 hours, quick charge for 30 minutes, face authentication sensor, fingerprint sensor, Wi-Fi 6 installed. The actual selling price is 164,780 yen.

The T8, T7, T6, C8, C7, and C6 are equipped with an "AI noise canceller" function that suppresses noise from the surroundings and makes it easier to hear your own voice and the other party's voice. AI that has learned about 500 million data such as human voice and environmental noise distinguishes between human voice and environmental noise while using the meeting app, and removes the environmental noise component. Eliminates loud sounds and sudden noises to deliver your own voice clearly, and also removes environmental noise components from the other party's voice, making it easier to hear.

The F8, F6, and S6 have cleared the rigorous test that complies with the US Department of Defense MIL standard. We have conducted multiple tests including drop tests from 26 directions such as the bottom and top.