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My favorite car's resume ── Vol2. Actor Shuhei Nomura (Part 2)

Why I bought the F-150

In the first part, actor Shuhei Nomura talked about his love for the GT-R. He owns two American cars in real life.

My car resume ──Vol2. Actor Shuhei Nomura (Part 2)

“Initial D made me interested in drift cars, but I also liked American cars. ”, so much that I had decided.”

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Among the American cars, I was particularly interested in pick-up trucks. “It all started when the ‘trophy truck’ that appeared in the desert race was really cool.”

The Desert Race is, as the name suggests, a race held in the desert. Mr. Nomura was fascinated by "trophy trucks," pickup trucks modified for competitions such as the "Baja Race" in California and the "Mint 400" in Las Vegas.

I considered pick-up trucks made by Japanese manufacturers such as the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Frontier, but I still prefer American cars, so I chose my current car.