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Ryo Yoshizawa has finished filming a Taiga drama and is now struggling with his laptop

A talk show for NHK's historical drama "Seiten wo Tsuke" (Sunday 8:00) was held at Akabane Kaikan in Kita-ku, Tokyo on the 14th, starring Ryo Yoshizawa (27). He revealed how he feels now that he has finished.

The main character, Eiichi Shibusawa, who is said to be the father of Japanese capitalism, died on November 11, 1931 at the age of 91, just 90 years after his death. From the broadcast on the 14th to the final episode on December 26th, it was held at the same location, as the area around Asukayama in Kita Ward, where he lived, will be the main stage of the story.

 Ryo Yoshizawa finished filming the Taiga drama, Now I'm struggling with my laptop

The shooting of the drama ended on the 8th. Looking back on the shooting for about a year and a half, "I came without a moment to get out of Eiichi even one millimeter, so I feel like I'm still going to shoot. (After shooting) I want to do something..." , I bought my first laptop computer in my life.

But... "I'm confused at first," she admits honestly. The 330 people selected by lottery were involved in a whirlwind of laughter. At the press conference after the talk show ended, he said with a wry smile, "I bought it because I was drunk...". Since he sometimes enjoys fighting games on his smartphone, when the press recommended a game, he enthusiastically said, "That's good."

However, the expression of Eiichi, who did his best for the people until the age of 91, is full of fulfillment. Get angry, cry, laugh, be moved... During the talk show, she confessed, "I was conscious of keeping Eiichi's energetic energy up until the final episode." It's amazing. I'd be happy if it became a work that touches everyone's hearts."

Regarding Shibusawa's character, I once again realized that he has a strong will, but when he realizes that he may be wrong, he has the flexibility to change it instantly. In order to perform energetically, she confessed, "I was doing muscle training all the time, and I was trying to make my body bigger. I tried to use my whole body when speaking."

Including the final scene (broadcast on December 19th) with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (47), who he respects, and Yoshinobu Tokugawa, his mentor in life, it seems that there will be more famous scenes one after another. About the scene with Yoshinobu, Yoshizawa said, "I think it will be the theme of this drama itself, that you can live no matter how uncool or unrefined."