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TSMC's 5NM product leaks.Possibility of AMD ZEN 4 CPU, RDNA3 GPU, NVIDIA HOPPER, "Intel Xe" GPU

The products manufactured in TSMC 5NM in the future have already been confirmed in a leak from Chinatimes, although we had the product we had already expected.

AMD ZEN 4 CPU, AMD Radeon RDNA 3 GPU, NVIDIA Hoppper GPU, which also had an unexpected name of Intel XE Graphics.

There was a lot of information at the source of the rumor that Intel will move to 5nm, which is another honor.

Fragmented information about AMD CPU, GPU, NVIDIA HOPPER has been confirmed, but in my information source -Since nothing has been decided so far, it is better to discount Intel Xe.prize.

AMD ZEN 4, RDNA3 and NVIDIA HOPPER were confirmed in the 5nm process of TSMC; Is Intel Xe participating in the group as well?

After a long period of stagnation, the situation has begun to heat in an incredible range.

We have previously reported that NVIDIA is making a very positive plan for node migration, and may abandon 7nm in just a year and shift to 5nm to regain market share from AMD.。

This report in CHINATIMES has confirmed the previous leak that NVIDIA has pre -booked Hopper GPU on the TSMC 5nm node, which may also be the possibility that Intel has used the TSMC 5NM process.It suggests that there is.

It may not seem intuitive at first, but it may contain some information.

Intel's foundry is already in full operation, and the TSMC process is completely suitable for building large GPUs.

Overview of TSMC 5NM investment plan.TSMC 5NM N5, and enhanced N5+.

Total production scale: 2022 Penus production started, achieved 1 million copies

2020 mass production.Apple's A14 / A14X application processor Huawei Hisilicon.KIRIN 1000 and network processor

2021 ~ 2022 Quantitory -AMD: Zen4 Architecture CPU, RDNA3 architecture GPU / Broadcom: High -speed network processor / Qualcomm.Qualcomm: Snapdragon 875, X60, 5G modem / NVIDIA: Hopper architecture GPU / MediaTek: Dimensity 2000 Series %G Chip / Intel: XE Architecture GPU or FPGA / Apple.Apple: A15 Application Processor / Huawei Hisilicon.KIRIN 1100, AI and server processors

Intel hitting the TSMC door may surprise many people, but it makes a perfect move for us.

Intel's graphics team, which consists of former Radeon leaders who worked closely with the TSMC, can be concentrated only on the design process without being concerned about the factory concerns.It will go.

On the other hand, NVIDIA will develop Hopper GPU (probably MCM -based) in the TSMC 5NM process next year.It seems to be very exciting for technical enthusiasts.The following is a translation of the remaining part of the article provided by@chiakojhua.

The TSMC 5NM process will enter the mass -produced phase in the third quarter.In the second half of the order, Apple and HISILICON are the center, but other major customers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, XILINX, Broadcom, AMD, and NVIDIA have already launched a 5nm chip design, and are expected to enter mass production within the next two

There are also rumors that Intel may outsource some of the 5nm chips to TSMC.

Analysts expect TSMC to achieve a 5NM profit share of 10%this year and set a new record of 25-30%next year.

Recently, HISILICON has competed with TSMC's competition, such as a partially shifted order for advanced process nodes to SMIC, Samsung Foundry has announced that it will launch mass production of 5nm processes, or has already secured orders from Qualcomm and NVIDIA.Many rumors have lost orders from other companies.

However, industry observers generally believe that Samsung's 5NM abilities and yield will not catch up with TSMC in the second half.We are also convinced that TSMC will be the only foundry that can mass -produce 5nm this year.

The second half of the outlook is bad due to the influence of pandemic.TSMC launches mass production of Apple application processor A14 and HISILICON's 5G mobile phone chips for KIRIN 1000 series in the second half, but the full-year sales announced at conference for investors the other day will increase by more than 15-18%.Guidance suggests that consolidated sales in the second half will be about the same as in the first half.

However, in addition to the fact that TSMC is in full swing in the second half of the year, the number of customers who design chips for mass production at 5 nm in the next two years has increased, so the full -year capital investment is 15 billion.It will maintain $ 16 billion.

TSMCの5nm製品がリーク。AMD Zen 4 CPU、RDNA3 GPU、NVIDIA Hopper、「Intel Xe」GPUの可能性も

According to sources in the device industry, TSMC's order to 5NM will increase "explosively" next year.

In addition to Apple's A14X and A15 application processors that adopt 5nm, HISILICON's next -generation KIRIN 1100 series mobile tip, AI, and Sever processor will also use 5NM.

In addition, Qualcomm's new 5G mobile phone chip "Snapdragon 875" and "X60 Modem Chip", NVIDIA's next -generation Hopper architecture GPU, AMD ZEN4 architecture CPU, and RDNA3 architecture GPU are also mass -produced in TSMC 5NM processes.

Recent rumors have shown that Intel is one of the main customers in the TSMC 5NM process.

TSMC C.C.The WEI Chief Executive Officer (CEO) pointed out that the number of taps of chips designed in the TSMC 5nm process at a recent investor conference is higher than at the same period of the 7nm mass production.

Following the 7nm, 5Nm is also a long life node, which is expected to account for 10%of this year's revenue.-China Times

This leak also supports the previous Digitimes report that TSMC will mass -produce 5NM products by the third quarter of 2001.

Considering that the company has shifted to EUV for advanced 7NM processes, this movement is theoretically shifted to a light source that can enable much tight processes in multi -putting.It is not surprisingly surprising because it allows found to "reset difficulties" (EUV does not require even 7nm or even 5nm processes).



Surprising news jumps in from China Times

CHINA TIMES came in a surprising news.

According to the report, INTEL XE and FPGA products, NVIDA's MCM -based GPU, Hopper, and AMD RDNA third -generation GPUs will be manufactured in 5nm of TSMC.

There is a place where this CHINA TIMES is unknown, but China is definitely the center of the world's semiconductor business, so I think it would be a source of various latest information.。

Manufacturing intel XE and FGPA products at 5nm of TSMC means that Intel factories are no longer in a state -of -the -art level.

Looking at this information, I think that Intel has been able to sell Fab in stages and become a Fabless company.

Who is the Hopper scheduled for 2021 that suddenly came to be spoken?

Another concern about PC is NVIDIA's HPPER.

This GPU is said to be built with MCM.

MCM will be advantageous in terms of cost, so it is expected that using the latest process will not cost much (relatively).

I think this is clearly suitable for making GPUs for games.

NVIDIA was trying to use the Samsung process for a while, but in the meantime, it is said that AMD has reserved all the TSMC 7NM processes and feels a considerable sense of crisis.

The 7nm first -generation NAVI is not in Japan, but the price has fallen slowly, but on a global shipment base, it has been rewinded against NVIIDIA, and NVIDIA, which has been reserved for 7nm, is a sense of crisis.It would be strange to remember.

I don't know who this Hopper is yet, but I think there is a possibility that generations will be replaced quickly.

In fact, rival AMDs have rapidly remodeled the CPU and GPU in accordance with the evolution of the TSMC process every year, and each time the difference from the NVIDIA GPU is reduced.

Of course, I can't judge at this stage at this stage, but I think it's not zero to this Hopper RTX4000 series.

There is no possibility that some or all models will be remodeled in one year to respond to the rapid evolution of AMD Radeon.