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I-O, Wi-Fi 6 wireless LAN router "WN-DAX3600QR" designed to fit in your life

IO DATA DEVICE INC. Announced the Wi-Fi 6 compatible wireless LAN router "WN-DAX3600QR". It will be on sale from the beginning of September.

A model that supports Wi-Fi 6 and is capable of high-speed communication at a maximum of 2402 Mbps (standard value) at 5 GHz and a maximum of 1147 Mbps (standard value) at 2.4 GHz. The Internet connection (WAN) port supports 2.5Gbs and can use high-speed communication.

In addition, it is equipped with "360 Connect," which emits radio waves evenly in the 360-degree direction. In order to make the best use of "360 Connect", he said that he adopted a design that blends into the room with the aim of "a router that fits in with life and is more suitable for life" without making strange claims even if it is placed in the center of the room.

In terms of functionality, it is equipped with "Beamforming W" that realizes stable communication. The wired port is equipped with a 2.5Gbps compatible WAN x 1 and a gigabit LAN x 4.

In addition, the main body size is 52 (width) x 197 (height) x 196 (depth) mm (including the stand). Weight is about 600g (including stand).

 アイ・オー、生活になじむデザインのWi-Fi 6無線LANルーター「WN-DAX3600QR」

The price is 16,940 yen.


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WN-DAX3600QR Cheapest price 12,249 yen

Wi-Fi 6 wireless LAN router designed to fit your life

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