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Replace your home line with NURO Hikari and buy a TP-Link mesh router "Deco M5" on impulse

The mesh Wi-Fi system manufactured by TP-Link is a system that eliminates the weak valleys of Wi-Fi radio waves by properly arranging multiple "Deco M5" units indoors. It is a next-generation wireless network system that has an unrivaled SSID unlike relay routers, and realizes a stable network environment with reliable roaming even if a user with a device moves around in the house. An AC adapter is required for each Deco M5, but if you use the "TP-LINK DECO M5 wall-mounted holder" sold by a third party, you can make a compact setting that hangs from an AC outlet instead of placing it on the floor.

Replace your home line with NURO Hikari and buy a TP-Link mesh router "Deco M5" on impulse

It has been 15 years since I moved from Yokohama to the current condominium in Ueno. When he was a member of the first management union immediately after moving in, he pulled USEN's "BROAD-GATE 01" as an internet line and was indebted until September.

At the author's house, which I moved in 15 years ago, I routed an Ethernet cable from my computer room to all the rooms before moving in. It's a network system that uses wired LAN in addition to Wi-Fi.

However, in August, the management union announced that the service of "NURO Hikari" could be used, and I heard the briefing session and applied immediately. Above all, the speed will be faster than it is now, and depending on the number of subscribers, the monthly fee will drop from the current 4400 yen to 1900 yen.

自宅回線をNURO光に替えてTP-Linkのメッシュルーター「Deco M5」を衝動買い

This is a calculation that is 2500 yen cheaper a month than the current net charge. I don't think there is a service on the planet that can save 2,500 yen every month, even if you use QR code payments, which are popular these days, or if you collect coupons here and there.

Thus, I was able to pull the optical fiber directly to my house, but on the day of the optical cable pull-in work, there was a big problem that I couldn't pull it into my computer room where I was pulling USEN because of the plumbing.

I paid a special extra charge before moving into my current condominium and had Ethernet from my computer room to all the other rooms. Even though there is high-speed Wi-Fi these days, it's not that Ethernet isn't there yet. This time, I was worried about the choice between giving up NURO Hikari or pulling it in another room ... and then I decided to pull the optical fiber into my bedroom across the corridor from the computer room.

The NURO Hikari contractor struggled, but for some reason the fiber optic cable did not reach the wall port where the Ethernet of USEN BROAD-GATE 01 was coming, and it was finally pulled out to the bedroom opposite the corridor.

The conclusion was that if you give up on the wired LAN for some of the devices you've been using, it's a growing Wi-Fi, so there shouldn't be any problems. Then, enter the ONU (optical network unit: with Wi-Fi router function) and the initial Wi-Fi password that you see for the first time in your life on your smartphone and immediately access It's quite comfortable.

I connected the optical fiber cable that reached the wall of the bedroom to NURO Hikari's ONU (ZXHN F660A), and first entered the Wi-Fi initial password on the smartphone to access the net.

I wanted to know how fast it actually got, so when I started the benchmark "SPEED TEST" that was also used in USEN's BROAD-GATE 01, it was almost several times faster than USEN's BROAD-GATE 01 as expected. It would have been great if this would save 2500 yen every month.

Both download and upload were as fast as expected.However, when I went to the living room away from the room where the ONU was installed, the Wi-Fi signal was weak and the speed was not good.