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Introducing a new virus buster that protects your home!

The next “virus buster” is hardware!

The number of devices connected to the Internet in the home is increasing rapidly. Computers and smartphones, of course, but also TVs, game consoles, and in some cases, things such as lights and sensors that use the Internet connection function without being conscious of it.

However, it is not realistic to install one security product on each of these devices. Therefore, what will become important in the future is a system or device that monitors the content itself that these devices are communicating and rejects inappropriate ones.

"Virus Buster for Home Network", which seems to be indispensable in the network of the IoT era, has appeared in response to such demand. Are you going to install new software again? "No, no, this is hardware." I've been using it at home for a few weeks now, so I'll let you know how it goes. A virus buster that protects your home I tried using for Home Network with my family

Protect your home internet appliances and IoT devices along with your router!

Trend Micro "Virus Buster for Home Network" is a plastic housing slightly larger than the palm of your hand. It has a simple design, and the interface has only one wired LAN port and one power connector.

The size of "Virus Buster for Home Network" is 136.27 mm wide x 110.99 mm deep x 32.2 mm high and weighs 242 g (measured value). It's a compact housing that you can hold with one hand, so you won't have much trouble installing it near your router.

This "Virus Buster for Home Network" is, as the name suggests, a device that "protects the home network". By connecting to the router used at home, it monitors communication within the home network and ensures the security of various devices.

In addition to personal computers and smartphones connected to the home network, for example, Internet appliances such as TVs and recorders, IoT devices such as smart locks, and routers themselves are threats because they do not have dedicated security products. It can protect a group of devices that are (presumably) limited in their preparedness for

In addition, how is it different from "Virus Buster Cloud" that is installed on a computer or smartphone? For this question, it would be quicker to look at the diagram below.

Difference in protection range between "Virus Buster for Home Network" and "Virus Buster Cloud" (from Trend Micro web page)

* This product is effective when you want to protect connected devices that cannot install security software from hijacking or remote control, or when you want to block access to harmful sites all at once. * Things that are not attacks on the network, such as USB memory sticks and viruses attached to e-mails, and when the terminal is used outside the home network, are not protected by this product, so conventional security is not applied to PCs and smartphones. I need software. * To set up, you need to connect this unit to your home router with a LAN cable and install a management application on your smartphone or tablet.

Covering even devices that cannot install security measures

Specifically, what kind of functions are there? Blocks access to sites that can infect malware. Restricts access to harmful sites and app downloads by specifying devices connected to the home network. Monitors home network intrusions and eavesdropping. It is well protected against unauthorized remote operations and network attacks. Moreover, it is surprising that these functions can be realized simply by connecting "Virus Buster for Home Network" to the router. In addition, there is no need to install applications, etc. on the Internet home appliances and IoT devices that should be protected. Only by installing a dedicated application on the administrator's smartphone or tablet, "Virus Buster for Home Network" can be managed and each device connected to the home network can be protected from hijacking and remote control. .

Let's start by explaining the setup procedure.