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Buffalo, 4 stream Wi-Fi 6 routers that can communicate up to 2,401Mbps

Buffalo is June 4, Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE802).The "WSR-3200AX4S" series has been announced as a new product of the Wi-Fi router compatible with 11AX).Released in early December.Two colors, white and black.The price is open, and the expected price is around 11,800 yen (tax included).

"WSR-3200AX4S" is a standard model of a wireless LAN router base unit that supports Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit Ethernet.In the 5GHz band, it supports 4 streams (4x4), up to 2,401 Mbps (theoretical value), 2.In the 4GHz band, communication with a maximum of 800Mbps (theoretical value) can be performed.

バッファロー、最大2,401Mbpsで通信できる4ストリームのWi-Fi 6ルータ

As for communication technology, "4x4 beam forming", which improves communication speed and stability to Wi-Fi 6-compatible terminals, and "MU-MIMO", which can communicate with multiple terminals, and bandwidth in one communication.Compatible with Wi-Fi 6-speed technology "OFDMA", which can subdivide and communicate with each terminal at the same time.In addition, it supports IPv6 services and reduces speed due to access concentration.

Security includes WPA3 Personal, WPA2 Personal, WPA/WPA2 Personal, WPA2/WPA3 Personal, WEP (128-bit/64-bit), as well as ANY connection refusal and MAC access restriction function.

Pressing the AOSS / WPS button of each new router can also use the "wireless moving function" that can take over the settings such as SSID to the new router, and "TWT (Target Wake Time)", which reduces battery consumption on the terminal.

The mounted port is based on Gigabit on both the LAN side and the WAN side, the number of ports is 1 on the WAN side and the LAN side is 4.The body size is W37.5 x D160 x H160mm, weighs about 390g.