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Dual mono power amplifier "LUMIN AMP" jointly developed with LUMIN and WestminsterLab in the UK

(Photo: PHILE WEB)

 LUMIN, jointly developed with WestminsterLab, UK Dual mono power amplifier

Brightone will release LUMIN's dual mono discrete power amplifier "LUMIN AMP" from January 25th. It comes in two colors, silver and black, and the price is 1,650,000 yen for silver and 1,815,000 yen for black (both tax included). A power amp that achieves an even higher LUMIN sound through joint development with British WestminsterLab. It is said that the power supply is all dual mono design, and crosstalk is kept to a minimum while supplying full power to both channels. The amplifier is a class AB discrete transistor with selectable stereo/dual mono/bridge operation modes. As mentioned above, the power supply is a completely independent dual mono low noise toroidal power supply. The housing is machined from the front, top, and sides by a CNC machine. The input is equipped with one XLR (2-pin hot) and one RCA. The output is 160W (8Ω) / 320W (4Ω) / 640W (8Ω bridge), the frequency response is 20Hz-40kHz (±0.1dB), and the S/N is 103dB. The input impedance is 200kΩ (balanced) / 100kΩ (unbalanced), the output impedance is 0.1Ω, the input sensitivity is 1.16Vrms, and the gain is +26dB (stereo, dual mono) / +32dB (bridge). power consumption

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