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This week's best 10 new products selected by the editorial department (2022.2.26)

(2022.2.26) We will introduce an article selected by the editorial department from this week's new product news posted on @DIME. If you missed it, read on for a refresher on the latest gear trends!

Best 10 new products of the week selected by the editorial department (2022.2.26)

Sanko "Mist de TAKIBI"

Flickering flames with mist and LED light from Sanko A tabletop humidifier “Mist de TAKIBI” that reproduces the atmosphere of a bonfire has been released. The selling price is 5,480 yen. To use, slide the main body cover up and remove it, and pour water into the water tank. Next, connect the USB cable to your AC charger or mobile battery, and you're ready to go.

[Reference] Reproduce the flickering of flames with mist and LEDs! Sanko's desk humidifier "Mist de TAKIBI" where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a bonfire

Huawei "WiFi Mesh 3"

Huawei Japan is the first domestic mesh Wi-Fi router that provides high-speed and stable communication to all connected devices at home "HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 3". ] was released at an assumed market price of 2 unit model 25,980 yen (tax included). A 1-unit model will also be available from March for 13,980 yen (tax included).

[Reference] The maximum speed is 3000 Mbps! Huawei's Wi-Fi router "WiFi Mesh 3" compatible with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6 Plus


Doshisha, which plans, develops and sells daily necessities, is equipped with a vacuum tube hybrid amplifier from the company's comprehensive audio-visual product brand "ORION". released the "ORION vacuum tube hybrid amplifier equipped Bluetooth compatible CD stereo SMC-350BT". The reference selling price is 43,780 yen. As a successor to the SANSUI vacuum tube hybrid amplifier-equipped CD stereo SMC-300BT, this product retains the concept of "faithfully reproducing the original sound" and adopts a luxurious aluminum front panel. By changing the overall amplifier output from 60W to 70W, it will be a model with more dynamic sound quality.

News of the week selected by the editorial department Product Best 10 (2022.2.26)

[Reference] Taking the best of digital amplifiers and analog circuits! ORION's CD stereo "SMC-350BT" equipped with a vacuum tube hybrid amplifier

Sony "NW-WM1ZM2"

Sony has released the flagship Walkman WM1 series "NW- WM1ZM2” will be released on March 25th. At the same time, from the same series, "NW-WM1AM2", which also pursues sound quality, is scheduled to be released at the same time.

[Reference] The price is 400,000 yen! Walkman's flagship model "NW-WM1ZM2" that brings together analog and digital high-quality sound technology

Sharp "AQUOS Sound Partner"

By interacting with the voice assistant, you can play news and music and operate home appliances in various places. Sharp will release a wearable AI speaker "AQUOS Sound Partner" equipped with a voice assistant function. By connecting to Wi-Fi, this unit can use the voice assistant function without a smartphone at hand. By interacting with the voice assistant, you can listen to news and music, do research, and use various services.

[Reference] Sharp's AI speaker "AQUOS Sound Partner" that can play news and music by voice and operate home appliances

Seiko "The Black Series"

Seiko Watch has 4 models with the theme of "night diving" from "The Black Series" based on the black color of will be on sale from March 11 (Friday). Suggested retail price is 143,000 yen to 363,000 yen (tax included), and 1,000 to 5,500 units will be released worldwide.

[Reference] Seiko Prospex's new watch "The Black Series" that creates the world of night diving

Tescom "TSF61A"

Tescom will release "TSF61A" on March 10 as a new product of low-temperature convection oven as well as basic toast. The price is open. The estimated market price is around 16,500 yen. Tescom's low-temperature convection oven is a low-temperature cooker, toaster, oven, food dryer, non-fryer, and fermented food maker. A wide temperature range of 35 to 230 degrees and a long timer of up to 12 hours are realized, and it supports various recipes such as roast beef, dried fruits, yogurt, as well as toast and gratin.

[Reference] Tescom's low-temperature convection oven "TSF61A" that performs 6 roles from toast to low-temperature cooking and non-fryer

Sony "LinkBuds"

Sony will release "LinkBuds", a completely wireless headphone with a structure that does not block the ears, on February 25th with a newly developed ring-shaped driver unit. do. The price is open and the estimated market price is around 23,000 yen. This machine is equipped with a newly developed ring-shaped driver unit that opens the center of the diaphragm, so you can enjoy entertainment such as conversation and music while listening to the surrounding sounds and your own voice naturally without covering your ears.

[Reference] Wasn't it possible?

Amazon "Echo Buds"

Amazon Japan has started pre-orders for the complete wireless earphone "Echo Buds (2nd generation)". The price is 12,980 yen with a USB-C charging case and 14,980 yen with a wireless charging compatible case. Shipping will start on February 24th. It comes in two colors, black and glacier white. "Echo Buds" have a compact design, high-performance drivers for clear and balanced sound, Amazon's own custom-designed active noise canceling technology, wireless charging function (Echo Buds with wireless charging compatible case Only supported), a microphone that provides high-quality call voice, and a completely wireless earphone that can use Alexa hands-free.

[Reference] Should I buy Amazon's completely wireless earphone "Echo Buds" that can use Alexa hands-free?

Raycop "GENESIS"

Raycop Japan has launched a new UV cordless stick cleaner "RAYCOP GENESIS" at consumer electronics mass retailers, the official Raycop online store, etc. The "RAYCOP GENESIS" to be sold this time adopts a "UV integrated head" that integrates a UV lamp and a rotating brush, which are also used as sterilization lamps in medical settings. A stick cleaner that removes fine dust with a strong suction force and can disinfect with UV rays.

[Reference] Raycop released UV cordless stick cleaner "GENESIS" that can disinfect while cleaning

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